What Some are Saying

" Your presentation inspired me to be more careful about my decisions concerning media. Thanks, it means a lot that you would come and spend your time shedding light on one of the most ignored topics."

Ian, age 18

"...Thank you for the message that this generation needs."

Jacob, age 14

"You really gave me a better perspective on what I should do for everything, not just media. I know now that I should do whatever I can to be like Jesus. Thanks."

Jennifer, age 14

"This ministry had an impact on me because you taught me that we should focus more on God... I pray that America as a whole will change because of your ministry"

Tyler, age 13

"I think your organization is a very good way to teach about God. You make it very interesting with the movies and different things which keep peoples attention. Thank you."

AJ, age 13

"I enjoyed how there were the Bible references explaining things."

Caity, age 15

'This ministry has a huge impact on my life and how I make decisions about music, TV and games I play."

Danielle, age 14

"I've thought about how media affects my life and I should learn to have better discernment of good and evil, but you've really made me think and reconsider my choices. I'm so glad God has led you to do this. Thank you"

Kaitlyn, age 16

"...this was an awesome presentation. I am very glad that I got to hear this perspective. This is something that few talk about and even fewer truly apply."

Gretchen, age 18

"This ministry has woke me up to the reality of media. I pray that me and my fellow students can see the light and try to say away from negative media."

Travis, age 17

"This really opened my eyes to how much media we actually consume. We are wasting years and years of our lives in front of the TV..."

Logan, age 11

"Media Talk 101 has been really awesome and has challenged me to go one step further in my relationship with God, to take it more seriously and spend less time consuming hours with media. I wasn't to spend my time in more valuable way with the Creator of the Universe, Thanks!"

Katelyn, age 17

"This session at camp has really helped me to look introspectively and discern how much in my life might be a hindrance in my walk with Christ while I don't even know it."

Josiah, age 16

"This has really made me examine my life and my media choices and God has even shown me other areas in my life that I need to work on that I probably wouldn't have thought of if it wasn't for this talk. Thank you so much!"

Tori, age 18

"I just want to thank you for your message and for helping me see more of the light."

Ben, age 17

"This is a great ministry. Keep it up! Thank you for speaking the truth in love to a bunch of teens who need to know the truth."

Sara, age 14

"You have really encouraged me in areas of my life where I have been struggling. Thank you for your ministry"

Madison, age 15

"Man, I really enjoy what you're doing. I think many teens here will be thinking and living differently from now on."

Caleb, age 15

"This ministry has motivated me to go on for God like never before."

Chris, age 18

"This ministry is good to help teenagers like me open our eyes and become more like Jesus."

Bernice, age 19

"This ministry has impacted me because I was one of those girls that "wasn't affected" by sexual scenes, violence etc. and I realize that by saying I wasn't I actually was. I just want to say thank you for coming to our school. You have impacted so many lives just by speaking for a few days."

Ana, age 14

"You have made a tremendous impact on my life because you helped me to realize that the things that I watch and listen to do affect me. And that I need to commit more time to God and less time on my everyday lifestyle."

Ashley, age 16

"I just wanted to tell you that your talk blessed me a lot today. I loved the fact that you pointed me to Jesus instead of the wrongness or rightness of media. I grew up without a TV but now that I am on my own I have often struggled with knowing how to deal with and sift through media, thanks for pointing me to Jesus"

Erin, age 20

"This ministry has shown me how much time I waste watching TV and playing video games and not spending time with God and Jesus"

Brad, age 14

"This ministry had an impact on me because I realized all the things I'm doing that do no honor God. I am going to challenge myself to do everything for God and not things for the world. Thank you for the ministry you do because you have an impact on so many people and opening our eyes to the things around us that are evil."

Sarah, age 14

"Thank you for coming and speaking to us. I really was convicted by this. I knew that a lot of what I was watching was wrong, but I didn't do anything. Now, I will again, thanks for coming."

Ian, age 14

"I have learned a lot from you. After what you said I've learned that I should be careful on what I watch, and play video games. I learned that God has a plan for me on what I see. So I thank you for coming here and talking to us."

Nico, age 15

"Thanks for everything you've said this week. My parents will hardly let me watch anything (they usually even check out PG movies I watch). This has helped me realize that they are right (Don't tell them I said that!) and there is just a bunch of trash in movies. I always feel like I'm on the outside when my friends talk about that cool new movie, but this has helped me realize that it doesn't matter. That movie won't be "in" in two weeks anyway. Thanks for taking the time to come and talk to us. I really appreciate it."

Rachel, age 14

"This was definitely worth going to, I don't know if I'll change, but it made me think."

Nick, age 14

"I thank God you came to talk to us about this because I have some problems with some things you talked about"

Shawn, age 13

"I think it's great what you do! I'm going to go on a media fast."

Stefan, age 12

"Can you come back and talk and tell us more about this again?"

Austin, age 13

"I really enjoyed your teaching today, I hope that you will pray that I will dare to be different and get away from media that hinders me from the love of God."

Taylor, age 12

"This is the BEST of all the seminars this convention year! A valuable message and earnest!"

"Very timely!! You are dealing with real life issues. Thanks for all the Bible references!!"

"Excellent session, it is so needed in this day and age."

"This touched on a topic that I have been struggling with since having children of my own."

"This workshop appealed to a broad age spectrum – I took my teens. Very little is presented on this subject by the local church!"

"A thorough and unique approach to this topic with helpful statistics and a solid Biblical foundation upon which all else rested."

"Very, very well done. I REALLY NEEDED this! Thank you!"

"My family struggles with 5 out of your 6 aspects of the counterfeit life. Amazing to see those pointed out. Thank you for that. You have shined a flashlight into my media habits."


"Great job! Keep it up! The world needs to hear this message!"


"Thank you x 1 million. I have been increasingly convicted about the media in our home especially about being more courageous to say "no" to what my daughter is doing and watching. This was so encouraging and affirming to my convictions. Please pray that my husband and I will become unified around this issue and sanctified in this area. Thank you for the gospel in there. I want to give the CD to some non-Christian friends!"


"Great, timely message. Should have been a 90 or 120 min. session. Much to share"


"Phillip, Thank you SO MUCH!!! I needed to hear your talk! I am encouraged to unplug and plug into the Lord. Teaching my children to be discerning as well. God bless you, you have been a blessing!"


"Wonderful presentation. This renewed my convictions about media in our home and is invigorating fuel for our family and media choices. God bless."

"I just got back from pre-teen camp and was surprised and saddened at how dependent and exposed the kids were via cell phone, Facebook, YouTube, secular music, etc. I felt pretty powerless considering most other Christian adults seem to have no problem with exposing their kids to this. It was encouraging to have this as a seminar, thanks."


"Heart breaking, eye opening, fantastic!! Thank you for your ministry! I want my boys to be godly men!!"

"Awesome! I very much agree. It is wonderful to have Bible references."


"Thank you! Keep it up! So glad to see a ministry like yours!"


"I thought your presentation was AWESOME! I have given up TV and it was powerful but I know I have more work to do."

"As a consumer of media who has gorged himself from a very early age, this really spoke to me in the habits I have formed, the sensitivities I have (or lack of), and the deceit I have experienced as a result. I look forward to learning more from your organization in order to "re-sensitize" myself to the world and the wonders of God as a result. Thanks!"


"Phillip, Thanks so much, I really enjoyed your talk and needed it. These are rough times we live in but it is good that you and your team are pressed to give the message you have – and praise God for that. I will look forward to receiving e-mails and will commit to pray for your ministry as I try with the Lord's help to media fast! Thank you."


"Wonderfully convicting message!"


"Great seminar! Much needed! Thanks!"


"Thank you so much! It's wonderful to see Scriptures pointed out to me on this subject. Praise the Lord this message is going out!"


"This was a great workshop, the way he spoke with truthful concern about media influence without being negative to the teens attending."

"Very clear and convicting. He applied the Bible in a very real world problem."

"Please have him back!"

"Excellent, my favorite workshop"

"The truth spoken in love!!"

"Great session, I wish the kids were with me to hear it firsthand!"

"Your talk was very touching. I realize that I go through what you talk about every day and I know my knowledge of God is growing. You helped, thank you!"

Janelle, age 17

"Hey Phil, nice to hear Truth, even if it stings a little. I will, with God's help, be "cleaning closets" in my life, including some old music and some television viewing habits."

Tim, age 39

"Thank you for your talk! God bless you and your family and your ministry. These are issues that our family struggles with. It was great to have someone other than "old" mom and dad say the same things!"


"This has impacted me to not watch those TV shows that do affect me. I have always wanted to be more like Jesus in this way. I will not watch those TV shows that God is pulling at my heart and telling me not to watch."

Alice, age 12

"This was really cool! I loved it, this whole thing was perfect for me because I have trouble with TV. I watch so much that I memorize the entire program and bug my family!"

Liz, age 15

"I've been very convicted about the movies I watch lately. It was nice to hear that I am right in this, thanks."

Corina, age 18

"This ministry presentation was very compelling and convicting for me on the subject of media. I realized how little I take my thoughts captive for Christ, and instead I fill a good majority of my time doing unproductive things. In reality, there are so many instances where I could use my time to glorify God and grow in the knowledge of Him. My time wholly belongs to God. Please pray that I may have boldness to step out in faith, out of my comfort zone to be the best example I can be for the character of Jesus Christ and make a difference in this serious issue in our generation."

Brooke, age 18