101 Things to do other than...

The following list is from a free bookmark we give away and the suggestions came from teens from around the country. Feel free to contact us with your own suggestion!

Spiritual Growth

1. Talk with God (pray) bookmark
2. Read the Bible
3. Start or join a Bible study
4. Memorize a Bible verse each week
5. Spend some time thinking about what
good things God has done in your life
6. Put on worship music in your spare time
and just worship the Lord at home
7. Seek God for direction about your future
8. Write in a journal
9. Pray for a missionary
10. Live your life today as Christ would want

Physical Health
11. Go for a run
12. Go swimming
13. Play sports with friends
14. Play ultimate frisbee
15. Ride a bike
16. Take a walk
17. Go skateboarding
18. Go snowboarding
19. Go ice skating
20. Jump on a trampoline

Real Social Networking
21. Pray for each other
22. Play a board game
23. Sit around a campfire
24. Find an accountability partner
25. Mentor someone that you can help out
26. Write letters to family and friends
27. Read to children
28. Send a care package to someone who could use encouragement
29. Show kindness to someone new at school
30. Speak out on things that are right

Personal Development
31. Learn to juggle
32. Visit a local park or nature preserve
33. Plant a garden
34. Practice hospitality
35. Read classic books
36. Get used to having some quiet in your life
37. Use and practice the talents God has given you
38. Learn sign language
39. Learn to play an instrument
40. Learn a foreign language

41. Research your family history
42. Do your chores
43. Clean your room
44. Read to a younger sibling
45. Play a board game with your family
46. Spend more time with your family
47. Mow the lawn
48. Play with your siblings
49. Help dad and mom
50. Clean the garage

51. Go on a mission trip
52. Serve at a homeless shelter
53. Visit shut-ins
54. Visit orphanages and spend time with orphans
55. Visit nursing homes or elderly people in assisted living and talk with them or sing for them
56. Bake cookies for your neighbors
57. Get a world map and pray for each country
58. Raise money for a missionary
59. Be kind to someone who is unkind to you
60. Visit someone in the hospital

The Rest of the List (miscellaneous)
61. Build a tree house
62. Do an art project
63. Jump rope
64. Climb a tree
65. Read to someone at a children's hospital
66. Walk the dog
67. Go fishing
68. Play Bible trivia
69. Tutor someone
70. Walk around your neighborhood helping people
71. Scrapbook
72. Wash the car
73. Plant a flower
74. Sing
75. Go to the park
76. Write music
77. Tell others about Jesus
78. Go bowling
79. Have a yard sale an give proceeds to those in need
80. Cheer up a friend
81. Pick up trash in town or neighborhood
82. Write a book
83. Help our an elderly neighbor
84. Study for college
85. Work on scholarships
86. Visit Grandma and Grandpa and help around the house
87. Help clean at church
88. Give to others in need
89. Encourage others
90. Write a devotional book
91. Take a bible course
92. Do laundry for Mom
93. Look at the stars
94. Help teach a Sunday School class or children's church
95. Praise God in everything you do everyday
96. Get outside for some fresh air
97. Memorize a Psalm or a Proverb
98. Write a poem to share with others
99. Treat someone to breakfast in bed
100. Write to the President
101. Take a trip to the Zoo