Ready for Game Day?

My high school basketball coach was as intense as an Army drill sergeant.  Anyone who knew Kevin McDaniel would compare him to the legendary Bobby Knight, the former men's basketball coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. "Coach McD", as we called him, would even admit that...

Ready for Some Fresh Air?

"I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are."~Paul (a Fourth-Grader in San Diego)   I love the Summer.  Warm sunny days, walks with my wife, barbecue, watermelon, ice cream, television, a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables,...

Cleaning House

Have you ever put off doing something that you absolutely dreaded only to wish later that you had done it earlier?  Maybe it was going to see the doctor or dentist.  Perhaps it was getting your car into the mechanic in order to find out why that "check engine" light...

C.J. Hitz

C.J. Hitz


C.J. Hitz is on the Media Talk 101 speaking team and has years of experience with youth ministry and the subject of media. He and his wife Shelley minister together around the country. Check out his webiste: