Seminars and Presentations

Since 2006, Media Talk 101 has been providing seminars and presentations on the subject of media discernment and making wise media choices from a Biblical worldview. These have been shared in churches, youth groups, camps, retreats, conferences, and schools. 
The bedrock presentation is called “Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise?”   Here’s some responses we have received…

“Thank you for the message that this generation needs.”  

Jacob, age 14

“This ministry has a huge impact on my life and how I make decisions about music, TV and games I play.”

Danielle, age 14

“I enjoyed how there were the Bible references explaining things.”

Caity, age 15

Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise? 

Need help for raising children in a media saturated society? Are you concerned about the impact of video games, Facebook, YouTube, iPods, texting, television and more?  Do you feel as if you are cowering like Israel before the giant Goliath who continues to mock God and taunt the nation?  Have no fear, there’s help to be found in God’s Word. This workshop will teach you how you can fight the media giant in your life using Biblical principles instead of legalistic rules.


The Counterfeit Life – Entertainment’sDeceptive Messages about Life to the Fullest

Today’s entertainment has become one of the biggest  stumbling blocks of spiritual growth and family health in this generation. It often portrays deceptive messages about what it means to live life to the fullest. Many careless homes have allowed toxic media to poison hearts and minds with wrong ideas about life. Learn about the messages prevalent in today’s media that could rob you and your family of the real life that God wants you to have.



Six Things Every Teen Should Know

Learn six characteristics of Christ from the Bible that every teen should endeavor to establish before launching into adulthood. Both parents and teens can benefit from this workshop.




Regaining Focus in an Age of Digital Distractions

For over 100 years, American culture has had an ever increasing infatuation with electronic media and entertainment. But what about the long term effects on family, society, and individuals? More and more studies confirm what some had rightly predicted. That is, our ability to be attentive is steadily eroding. We are becoming less attentive to our families, study, work, and most importantly, to God. What are the results and what will it take to regain the ground that has been lost?


“Media Talk 101 has been very convicting to me. I hope that I can apply everything you have taught us through God’s Word. I am really glad you came to speak at our school, I have been encouraged by your presentation.”

Jeff, age 16

“I just wanted to tell you that your talk blessed me a lot today. I loved the fact that you pointed me to Jesus instead of the wrongness or rightness of media. I grew up without a TV but now that I am on my own I have often struggled with knowing how to deal with and sift through media, thanks for pointing me to Jesus” 

Erin, Age 20

What’s on Your Plate? How to Have a Balanced Diet in the All-You-Can-Eat Media Buffet Culture
The digital age has swept in like a tidal wave and threatens to engulf every waking moment of our lives. Leading your family to have a healthy and balanced media diet is a monumental task. The response to the many changes and challenges we are facing is not to be anti-media or anti-technology but to grow in discernment and use Biblical guidance to make wise media and entertainment choices. We need to consider the content as well as the quantity of media on our plates.



The Catacombs, the Big Screen, and Everything In Between
From 2nd century plaster paintings to the flickering of the movie screen, Christians have told the amazing story of God’s grace and the redemption of man through the arts of their time. Although the medium has changed the message has remained the same. Phillip Telfer talks about Christianity and the arts with an emphasis on the powerful medium of our day: Movies.



Five Considerations in the Age of  Video Games

In 1972 the first home video game console hit the market but there was skepticism about this new medium and how it would be received in the average home.  40 years later the video game industry continues to set entertainment industry sales records that boggle the mind. There are now dedicated websites for watching others play video games and e-athletes can get scholarships for college and some make seven figure incomes. Phillip Telfer will cover five things every parent should consider before jumping on the video game bandwagon and what you can do if you are already being carried along but not sure whether or not to jump off.

Thriving in Babylon: How to Live as a Godly Family in a Pagan Culture

We are inspired by the stories of Daniel in the lion’s den and his three companions in the fiery furnace, but have we given enough thought to the foundation that must have been laid in their lives to help them thrive in Babylon?  They were not only captive in a pagan culture but their own people had been sent into exile by God on account of their own unfaithfulness and corruption.  What made these young men different along with other great men like Ezra and Nehemiah?  This workshop explores this timely theme and how it applies to our present culture.

“Your presentation brought a lot to my attention.  Your presentation inspired me to be more careful about my decisions concerning media.  Thanks, it means a lot that you would come and spend your time shedding light on one of the most ignored topics.” 

Ian, age 18

“This ministry had an impact on me because you taught me that we should focus more on God… I pray that America as a whole will change because of your ministry”

Tyler, age 13

“Follow Your Heart” and other Deceptive Messages in Children’s Films

A film is not “safe” just because it is rated G and marketed to children. The apostle Paul exhorts Christians to not be taken captive by philosophies and empty deceptions. The philosophers of our day often disseminate their views through film and they start by targeting young children. Learn how to identify some of these common deceptions.


Driver’s Ed for the World Wide Web 

Most parents would agree that is unwise to give a young child the keys to your car to go driving by themselves. There’s an appropriate age to get a learning permit and have parent supervision so that your young adult becomes a collision free driver. Then comes the driver’s license when they prove they understand the rules and can drive safely. What does this have to do with teaching children and young adults how to safely navigate the World Wide Web? This workshop will answer that question and more.

Finding Green Pastures in the Digital Age

The digital age has swept in like a tidal wave and threatens to engulf every waking moment of our lives. Shepherding your family to healthy and restful pastures is a monumental task. The response to the many changes and challenges we are facing is not to be anti-media or anti-technology but to grow in discernment and use Biblical guidance to make wise media and entertainment choices. 



Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture 

Finding freedom often starts with an understanding that we might be blind to our captivity. When Jesus talked to His followers about gaining freedom they responded, “we have never been in bondage to anyone.” This generation has become captive to TV, captive to social networks, captive to texting, captive to video games, captive to pornography, and captive to a number of other forms of electronic media that have taken control of many lives and are holding them hostage. Many adults, young adults, teens, and children have been deceived by the world’s philosophy that freedom means doing whatever you please.  Learn what authentic freedom is and how to escape the cultural walls that try to keep us from it.

“I think your organization is a very good way to teach about God. You make it very interesting with the movies and different things which keep people’s attention. Thank you.”

AJ, age 13

“This ministry had an impact on me because you taught me that we should focus more on God… I pray that America as a whole will change because of your ministry”

Tyler, age 13

“You really gave me a better perspective on what I should do for everything, not just media. I know now that I should do whatever I can to be like Jesus. Thanks.”

Jennifer, age 14

Handle with Care: Family Conflicts over Media & Entertainment

What do you do when you discover that your kids are digitally connected to nearly everything and everyone but you? How should a spouse respond if the husband and wife are not on the same page regarding media choices in the home? Rediscover timeless Biblical principles that can be applied to modern family struggles.




Understanding Biblical Worship in the age of American Idol [atry]

We don’t think of our culture as idolatrous because we don’t see people bowing down to statues and making sacrifices and offerings to false gods. Our understanding of idolatry is too narrow and our understanding of true worship is also becoming more and more confused. This workshop looks at the Biblical understanding of genuine worship in contrast with mankind’s tendency towards idolatry which continues to manifest itself in our entertainment driven society.



Analyzing Movies and Other Entertainment from a Biblical Worldview 

There are many websites today dedicated to providing movie reviews but do you have a Biblical framework for personal analysis and discernment? Are you teaching your children the importance of analyzing electronic media in conjunction with teaching them to analyze the books that they read? Entertainment is not neutral. All media has a message and those messages can have an impact in our lives for good or for bad.


Hearing God in a World Full of Noise

In this age of digital distractions, does God still speak to His people like we read about in the Bible? Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice. Have you struggled with understanding what it means to hear God’s voice? Are you someone who wonders why you don’t hear His voice?  This teaching focuses on a Biblical understanding of what it means to hear God voice and some common hindrances in our lives that can block our spiritual ears.



Captivated Documentary Showings

We have two versions of Captivated for public showings. The feature length is 107 minutes and the broadcast version is 60 minutes. There is a study guide available for the feature length version. You can also have a time of Q&A before or after the screening.