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Great things are happening here at Media Talk 101!  We have a new intern, Trenton, who has been working along with me in the office and one of the things we hope to utilize more is this blog.  There is so much happening with media and technology and there is much to say to help equip this generation to keep Christ at the center of all they think, say, and do.  Our hope is not to be a part of the din of noise, but to be an encouragement in the area of media discernment.  So, if this could be helpful to you then tune in!

Rhett Simkins

Rhett Simkins

Office Manager

Rhett is the office manager at Media Talk 101 and co-pastor at a recently planted small-town church. After being challenged at the very first Media Talk 101 presentation given by Phillip Telfer, he has grown to have a great desire to see the lives of others impacted as his was. Rhett’s story of finding freedom from media is featured in the documentary “Captivated.” He, his wife Emily, and their four children live in a rural community in northwestern Illinois and continue to enjoy the freedom that comes from life in Christ.

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