Hey Phillip,

I really feel like your ministry is reaching people and making a difference, I know because it has made quite an impact on me over the past few years. Through your ministry I am convicted more and more about my media habits and I have made changes in my lifestyle because of it.

I started by taking a one month media fast from T.V. and now it has been 4 years without a television in my home. That one month period not having a T.V. forced me to do more constructive things with my time and I began to read books and play the guitar and read the Bible more. It definitely made me think about how much I could do and learn if I just changed that one little thing.

Also, being out of the loop on things has kept me from spending so much time worrying about the lives of people that don’t give a rip about me (celebs) and has let me spend my time living my own life. I’m still working on content… I’m pretty good about censoring what I watch as far as movies, but some “good” movies have contrary worldviews that are easy to overlook for the sake of relaxing and having a good laugh. It’s a work in progress. You have been a huge role model for me in this and many other things. I appreciate your love for God and how He has used you to teach me.

God bless,