‘Gaming Disorder’ a Mental Health Condition

CNN: W.H.O. classifies ‘Gaming Disorder’ as Mental Health Condition


I found this article to be very interesting. Though some find this new classification to be extreme, there are many coming to the realization that balance needs to be brought to the discussion of technology’s place in our lives. The truth is, not everyone who plays video games will develop “gaming disorder” just as not everyone who smokes will get lung cancer, but there are risks and potential consequences that are now being discussed in a world smitten by the screen.

Gaining understanding of the negative aspects of media is a step in the right direction toward personal caution and discernment. I encourage you to check out the article for yourself. 

Also, watch this short clip of Dr. Jeff Myers noting this condition seven years ago in an interview featured in our documentary “Captivated”.

Rhett Simkins

Rhett Simkins

Office Manager

Rhett is the office manager at Media Talk 101 and co-pastor at a recently planted small-town church. After being challenged at the very first Media Talk 101 presentation given by Phillip Telfer, he has grown to have a great desire to see the lives of others impacted as his was. Rhett’s story of finding freedom from media is featured in the documentary “Captivated.” He, his wife Emily, and their four children live in a rural community in northwestern Illinois and continue to enjoy the freedom that comes from life in Christ.

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