Episode 3 – Desensitized and Numb

Many Christians are becoming desensitized and numb by the media they carelessly consume.  There’s a great need to guard the heart and to be re-sensitized by God’s word.  The Bible teaches that the mature in Christ have made it a practice to train their senses to discern good from evil. Length: 25 minutes

Episode 5 – American Idolatry

We don’t think of our culture as idolatrous because we don’t see people bowing down to statues and making sacrifices and offerings to false gods. Our understanding of idolatry is too narrow and our understanding of true worship is also becoming more and more confused. This episode looks at mankind’s tendency towards idolatry which continues to manifest itself in our entertainment driven society. Length: 18 minutes

Episode 6 – My Top 5 Concerns About Video Games

When the first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, hit the market in 1972, it was unlikely that anyone could fathom the impact video games would have in homes almost 40 years later.  Phillip Telfer shares his top 5 concerns about video games based on research, common sense, and Biblical wisdom. Length: 33 minutes

Episode 7 – The Counterfeit Life – Part 1

Today's entertainment has become one of the biggest stumbling blocks of spiritual growth and family health in this generation. It often portrays deceptive messages about what it means to live life to the fullest.  Many careless homes have allowed toxic media to poison hearts and minds with wrong ideas about relationships, accomplishment, purpose, and identity. Learn about the messages prevalent in today’s media that could rob you and your family of the real life that God wants you to have. Part 1 in this podcast series addresses the subject of sexual immorality in media. Length: 29

Episode 8 – Gratuitous Violence as Entertainment

The Counterfeit Life - Part 2: Our culture is so accustomed to depicted violence that it should be shocking how little shocks us.  As technology continues to advance, so does the entertainment industry’s ability to produce more realistic special effects, many of which portray acts of violence.  Violence has been around since the first family walked the earth, and violence as entertainment has also existed throughout history but what does God think about it?
Length: 28 minutes

Episode 9 – Never Enough: The Marketing of Discontentment

The Counterfeit Life - Part 3: Does happiness come from money, possessions, makeovers, upgrades, new gadgets and shiny trinkets? In part 3 of “The Counterfeit Life” Phillip Telfer talks about the marketing of discontentment in today’s media and entertainment. There are counterfeit definitions of what it means to live life to its fullest and the world and the media it produces have their own spin on what it means to be happy. Length: 28 minutes

Episode 10 – Rebellion & Family Conflict in Entertainment

The Counterfeit Life - Part 4: 100 years ago there were many who made predictions about what life would look like in our time. Yet who would have predicted our current state of the family?  Would they have guessed that half of new marriages would end in divorce?  Would they have envisioned the disconnected nature of the typical modern family?  Would the lifestyles and actions of the fathers, mothers, teens, tweens and children have shocked them beyond belief?  In the midst of all this trouble is a culture of entertainment that continues to drive a wedge between children and parents and between husbands and wives, and in doing so continue to shake their fists at God in defiance. Length: 33 minutes