Episode 11 – Hopelessness and Despair in Today’s Media

The Counterfeit Life - Part 5: We live in society full of despair and hopelessness and much of today’s media continues to serve dark and morbid entertainment that leaves people starving for hope. How can they be set free? In this episode Phillip Telfer continues “The Counterfeit Life” series by addressing another one of the enemy’s schemes: the trap of hopelessness and despair. Length: 21 minutes

Episode 12 – Drunkenness and Drug Abuse

The Counterfeit Life - Part 6: It’s no secret that drug and alcohol abuse leads to a life of brokenness and regret, but why are so many people drawn to it?  How has media contributed to the problem? More importantly, what is the solution?  Phillip Telfer wraps up “The Counterfeit Life” series with a look at the person of the Holy Spirit and how we can have real life in Christ through Him. Length: 49 minutes

Episode 13 – Hearing God in a World Full of Noise

In this age of digital distractions, does God still speak to His people like we read about in the Bible? Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice. Have you struggled with understanding what it means to hear God’s voice? Are you someone who wonders why you don’t hear His voice? This podcast focuses on a Biblical understanding of what it means to hear God's voice and some common hindrances in our lives that can block our spiritual ears. Length: 34 minutes

Episode 15 – Shepherding Your Children When There Are No Fences

Our children are growing up in a world where media access is prevalent and often unfiltered.  Even if your family computer has all of the appropriate protections, their ability to view questionable content is just a library and a click away.  What can parents do to protect them?  Is there anything that will help them as they grow up and leave the security of your watchful eye? Length: 24 minutes

Episode 17 – The Danger of Texting and Driving

A recent report shows that teen texting and driving deaths have surpassed teen drinking and driving deaths in the United States. What can we do to curb this statistic?  Phillip Telfer explains what makes texting and driving so dangerous and why we need to be extra cautious about our media habits while we are on the road. Length: 29 minutes

Episode 18 – The Dripping Faucet of Media

A dripping faucet can lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water in a single year.  Sending a quick text message or checking email doesn’t seem harmful, but is there a point when it is? Has media use become like a dripping faucet in our lives?  How can our relationships be affected by this?  How can it affect our relationship with God?  Phillip Telfer explains in this episode of the Media Talk 101 Podcast. Length: 33 minutes

Episode 19 – Media and A Life of Prayer

The apostle Paul wrote: “pray without ceasing,” in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. What does he mean by that?   Could your prayer life be impacted by your media habits?  Phillip Telfer answers these and other questions as we continue the summer Question & Answer series. Length: 34 minutes

Episode 20 – Does Less Media Equal Less Impact?

Making changes in your media consumption habits can have a lasting effect on your life and relationships, but will disengaging in media put you at a disadvantage in some ways?  What will that do to your ability to have an impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s hyper-connected world? Length: 35 minutes