Good evening Phillip,

We have not had television for some time (about three years) though it is possible for us to punctually put up and an antenna for watching a special event. I was a TV dependent adolescent and have to this day the tendency to be obnubilated by a screened film or TV show if it’s on in the room. I’ve learned to fight this natural tendency as it was a bad habit.

We’re thinking of getting the satellite dish in order to get 18 free channels here in France. We’re not decided yet. In any event, TV, computers and such are regulated features in our house so as to cultivate good habits and to not favorise dependencies.

As for the content of films and so forth, there is certainly a lot of trash out there, and my policy is to turn it off if I see it. I’ve often said half kiddingly that I think reading certain texts of the Bible should be restricted for the 17 years and younger because the inspired texts account for sin, sex and violence in a very descriptive way sometimes. In other words, I think good Bible teaching and explaining will go a long way to show “what’s out there” without having to taste and touch all the fads and fashions today’s global and internet powered culture can provide.

There is nothing new under the sun and it is from our own hearts that come what is defiling. I appreciate the articles I’ve read from Media Talk 101. I understand them as to turn hearts and minds back to God and His word. May that abundantly happen.

Peace to you and yours,