Dear Phillip,

I have made a lot of progress in media discernment. I remember when you first came to my school. Honestly, the first time I heard your message I just blew it off, but after a couple weeks it kept eating away at me and finally I decided it was time to clean house. I started with my music (which is an important thing to me because I also am a musician) I deleted a lot of the songs, but i couldn’t bring myself to delete all the music that I knew deep down was bad for me.

It lasted for a little while and eventually I started adding back the music I had deleted plus more. Months later I realized I was slowly retrogressing so I again deleted a lot of music, this time all of the songs that were bad for me. I think I went from 1800 to about 190 songs on my iPod. Then I started replacing the old music with new music that had good messages. It took maybe a year but it paid off because now I am free from addiction to music with a harmful message. In regards to other media I also made a lot of progress. It wasn’t as hard as music because it isn’t as important to me. I barely watch any TV and I have started making better decisions when it comes to movies.

In the beginning I wasn’t very open to what you were saying, but it stuck with me and now it has changed me.