Why Does Media Talk 101 Use Facebook?

Here are some common questions that are raised about Media Talk 101’s use of media…

I thought you were against media and technology?

This ministry is not anti-media, or anti-technology. We are pro-discernment and pro-wisdom. Today’s media have a powerful influence on our culture for good or for bad. We want to be part of the influence for good, and more importantly, part of the influence for God. Today’s technologies that provide the mediums used (computers, TV’s, DVD players, cellphones, etc) are powerful tools that can be used with wisdom or used carelessly.

These tools, regardless of how they are used, still have an impact on our culture. It is important to be informed about this impact in our lives.

Why do you use Facebook and other social networks?

I have concerns about Facebook regarding privacy issues.  Like many other kinds of media, it needs to be handled with caution and wisdom. Unfortunately, too many Christians have not been careful or wise with their use.

Ultimately it is an issue of the heart. If your heart is captivated with Christ and your own desires are to honor God and glorify Him in all that you do then by all means use all reasonable means to glorify and honor God in your life. But on the other hand, if your heart is captivated with yourself then I would personally recommend that you get off of Facebook and get your face into God’s book until your heart begins to reflect His heart.

Another concern is regarding the use of time.  The bible teaches us to redeem the time. Facebook can be a huge time waster if you are not careful. If you find that you are constantly on Facebook and it is distracting you from more important things in life, or from face to face relationships, or from time spent with God in His word and through prayer, then you may want to take a break (or get off Facebook permanantly) in order to help break any time wasting habits that you have formed.

I have a Facebook and Media Talk 101 has a Facebook page I hope will be used for God’s glory and to promote media discernment in the light of following Christ.

Don’t you think it is ironic to make a DVD about media discernment?

Our website is a type of media. I use PowerPoint when I speak to groups, which is another type of media. We provide audio recordings, which are another type of media. And we have produced a documentary that is on DVD.  I don’t think that is ironic because we are not anti-media nor do we advocate that media be abolished. That being said, I am reminded of a song by a band that sang “If we’re adding to the noise, turn off this song”.

It is certainly possible to experience media overload with positive and helpful media being produced by well-meaning ministries, businesses, and individuals. That includes Media Talk 101. So if you are spending too much time on this website, or if you watch our documentary every day and neglect more important things in your life then please “turn off this song” so to speak. But if you are accustomed to spending hours each day consuming unhealthy media or media with “empty calories” then I hope you would consider investing a little less than two hours of your time to watch Captivated.  I believe it will be a good use of some screen time.