Where Are You F.R.O.M.? A Tool For Conversation

Whether traveling on an airplane while sitting next to a fellow passenger for 3 hours or at an awkward family reunion where you hardly know anybody anymore, it seems that striking up a conversation and keeping it going is difficult in this digital age.

I don’t know about you, but it seems challenging to talk to someone when their immediate go-to is pulling their phone or iPad out leaving the impression that they are busy or just don’t want to talk. The truth is, maybe we are just not very good at getting a conversation started, much less keeping it going. The following acronym F.R.O.M. is a great tool to keep in your conversation kit.




Memories – Bonus: Scar and Tell

Everyone has an innate desire for connection and once the ice is broken, it makes it easier to find out who they are and where they are from. So, ask them about their family’s size, well-being, etc. Most people enjoy talking about what they do in both their elective time and how they earn a living. Lastly, get people to open-up by asking intentional questions about their past. For example: If you see a gentleman wearing a veteran’s hat, thank him for his service, and ask him when and where he served. Also, ask him about his experience in that season of life and I’m sure he’d be glad to share his memories with you. You might even find out about a few war stories and battle scars along the way.

I hope this helps guide your next conversation when trying to be intentional about connecting with people who God has placed in your life at that present moment.

To hear more on this subject, check out this podcast called “The Death of Conversation” between Phillip Telfer and Rhett Simkins.

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