10 Alternatives to Screen Time

Do you know what I found to be helpful with developing self-control over my screen time? I make sure my day is filled with better activities. We often default to screen time because it doesn’t take as much effort as other things we might be doing and enjoying at the same time.

You may have been expecting me to give you 10 things to do other than zone out in front of a screen, but that’s not as helpful as encouraging you to come up with a list that works for you. For many years I’ve challenged teens and parents to write down 5-10 activities that they would enjoy pursuing that doesn’t involve a screen but might take some extra effort.

The possibilities are endless, and you are a unique person so what is it that you are neglecting because your habit is to veg out in front of a screen? Make your own list and go for it.


1. Work on a project in my woodshop
2. Build a 1000-piece puzzle at least once a year
3. Solve Sudoku puzzles
4. Play guitar and write a song
5. Take walks
6. Go paddleboarding
7. Read a good book
8. Meet with a friend for lunch or coffee
9. Write a novel
10. Ride my bike

And here is a list of 101 things that teens have suggested when asked to make a list.