The Myth of Multitasking

Many if not most states have laws against texting while driving because of how dangerous it is. Why? Because multitasking like texting and driving is a myth.


Studies have shown that you are not truly multitasking, you are rapid task switching. When your attention is on your phone it is not on the road. You do not have two sets of eyes.

When it comes to rapid task switching, there is also a switching cost. This is not only an issue with texting and driving but trying to multitask in other areas of life.


If you are focusing on your homework but you have your phone with you and you are getting and checking notifications, you are not doing your homework and checking your notifications simultaneously, you are rapidly switching between two or more different activities that require your attention.

In between the shift in your focus, there is a switching cost. You lose focus on one while putting your focus on another thing.

Your mind is designed to focus on one thing at a time and when you are continually being distracted you are going to be inefficient and make more mistakes.

Check out this clip from the documentary Captivated by Media Talk 101 The Myth of Multitasking