Support CJ and Emily Telfer

CJ Telfer has joined the staff of the exciting new start up ministry Launchpad 28 in Blanco, TX. This new ministry is being incubated by Media Talk 101. Launchpad 28 is a Christian based discipleship and work based residential program for young men 18-25 who are struggling to launch into adult responsibilities.

This ministry seeks to help them grow in their relationship and identity in Christ and also help with learning good work ethics and how to take personal responsibility as adults. The program is centered on Christ and the Bible and is integrated into the building of a tiny home from start to finish. Students will learn basic construction skills like framing, siding, electrical, plumbing, cabinet making and more.

CJ and his wife Emily will be living on campus in their own tiny home as CJ leads as the project foreman to help other young men learn or hone construction skills. CJ is also passionate about following Jesus and will be part of the team leading Bible studies, prayer, and worship.

To learn more about Launchpad 28 visit the website

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