Episode 10 – Rebellion & Family Conflict in Entertainment

The Counterfeit Life – Part 4

100 years ago there were many who made predictions about what life would look like in our time. Yet who would have predicted our current state of the family?  Would they have guessed that half of new marriages would end in divorce?  Would they have envisioned the disconnected nature of the typical modern family?  Would the lifestyles and actions of the fathers, mothers, teens, tweens and children have shocked them beyond belief?  In the midst of all this trouble is a culture of entertainment that continues to drive a wedge between children and parents and between husbands and wives, and in doing so continue to shake their fists at God in defiance.

Length: 33 minutes

Episode 10 - Rebellion and Family Conflict in Entertainment

by Phillip Telfer, Rhett Simkins | Media Talk 101 Podcast