Technology Is Not Evil, It’s Powerful

Generally speaking, technology is not evil, it’s powerful.

We understand that more power can result in greater benefits when it comes to power tools, but we also have to be aware of any necessary precautions.

Smartphones are powerful tools.

Think about everything you have access to in the palm of your hand: a phone, a TV, a computer, the internet, a video player, a video conferencing device, a game device, a word processor, a weather station and so much more.


You probably haven’t stopped to imagine what it would have looked like 25 years ago for someone to have all of this with them at all times?

They would be hauling around a cart full of devices and a generator to power them all. Others would have thought that person was crazy!


Now we have all these powerful tools in a pocket-sized device, but are we handling all this power with care? Is technology under your control or are you under its spell and being controlled by technology?

What steps will you take today to keep technology from taking your life hostage?