What has Intrinsic Value?

When it comes to the value of tangible or even intangible items in the 21st century, gold is more valuable than tinfoil, and bitcoin is more valuable than chocolate coins, and a Tesla roadster is more valuable than a kick scooter.

Yet a young child without wisdom and knowledge is likely to choose the tinfoil, the chocolate coins, and the kick scooter over the other things if given a choice.


You also need to understand what is truly valuable from God’s perspective.

The values defined by Jesus do not require you to keep up to date with every new movie, video game, or tv series. He doesn’t require you to amass thousands of followers on your social media and become an influencer.

He doesn’t require you to be liked by others, or to be continually amused, or to jump onboard the latest fad of cultural causes without any educated vetting or discernment.


Instead, He calls you to seek first the kingdom of God, to be humble, to love others, to not give way to worry, to not seek the approval of others, and to be a light to the world.

These are only a few of the contrasting values you discover when comparing the world’s values to God’s values.

I hope you will learn how to discern between the things that matter and are worthy of pursuing, and the things that may be keeping you from what really matters.