What’s On Your Digital Plate?

What’s on your digital plate?

I like to describe our present culture as an all-you-can-eat media and entertainment buffet, and we pile a lot of content on our plates!

Have you thought about how your daily media diet affects your spiritual health? Family health? Physical health? Emotional health? Mental health?


There are two main concerns when it comes to the all-you-can-eat media buffet that we experience every day.

The first is the amount of media and entertainment on our plates each day, week, and year – this is what I refer to as your media CONSUMPTION.

The well-known Christian leader, George Barna, once wrote, “Media exposure has become America’s most widespread and serious addiction.”

The second concern we need to consider is the quality of the media on our plate. Is it healthy, or junk food, or possibly toxic? This is what I refer to as media CONTENT.